Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth

We look forward to your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and download the movie. The film is a short version of a feature length production to be released in the near future.

82 Responses to “Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth”

  1. Brian says:

    I real feel bad to see a human being is killing each, i do not think even Wild animal could act as i see from this Scared Film,
    look how children are suffering, women suffering, Guns are taking a way the life of the innocent people, how come black people we kill our fellow Black, we should preach Love, peace from our own mouth and heart but not listening to white people have their own interest, that why Congo and other places full of wealth are always targeted with Civil War, just to disturb people peace while they stealing our wealth.

    i believe 6 Million people died in Congo, their blood will fight back to those evil white people funding civil War in africa, and soon Victory will show up

  2. Abuhamza says:

    Thank you for this film. It has left me with a clear mind about the western policies (killer machines)

  3. Emmanuel Ntambara says:

    Bank Ki Moon said it already that what is happening in that 4 countries is all about politics. There is nothing Congo can do on its own. but I WOULD say that shame to those countries that attack their brothers. As Africans what we need is Unity and Confidence. If we get that we can make it better.

  4. Takao says:

    By watching the video, it gave me a clear reason to why conflict’s in Africa occur. I think it’s time we came to consider of the effects that people have during conflict’s. We need to come close and find a solution to protect humanity against crime.

  5. babybass says:

    La question que je me pose est la suivante :

    Sommes nous prêts à abandonner notre propre confort d’occidentaux pour que le Kongo (K j’insiste, c’est le royaume)puisse vivre et rester vivant ?

    Comme le disais une personne dans le film, le problème est vraiment lié à l’histoire depuis plusieurs siècles. Je ne crois pas qu’Obama puisse changer quoi que ce soit avec sa loi. Les massacres ne sont pas prets de stopper et pas seulement au Kongo mais partout dans le monde ou il y a des ressources naturelles. Nos Pays occidentaux dépendent de ca…

    Les grandes décisions qui concerne l’afrique ne relevent pas des Africains. Les anciennes forces coloniales ont mis en place un systeme pour qu’elle puisse rester au coeur des décisions.

    Saviez vous que dans les 3 banques centrales africaines (BCC, BCAO,BEAC, si je ne me trompe pas) les francais sont les seules à avoir un droit de véto ?
    1 seul homme, peut annuler une décision importante, cette homme se trouve au ministère de l’économie en France…

    Vous devriez prendre le temps de regarder cette conférence d’un économiste Ivoirien (Nicolas Agbohou)…

    Sincèrement je ne sais pas quoi faire en tant que simple être humain. En fait J’ai ma petite la dessus…

    Portez vous bien tous, et respectons nous les uns les autres. Se changer soi c’est changer le monde et ca j’y crois tres fort…

  6. Bobbieleigh says:

    I feel physical sick, I had to turn away at times and just wanted to cry. Some people do not deserve to be alive. If I could I would go there and save every women and child in the cono and other parts of Africa. Unfortunately I can not contribute financial as I barley support me and my two mixed race daughters (white/Kenyan) they themselves have experience racism and they are 2+3, the sheer thought of what the children in Africa face sickens me beyond words….. The women and children and incontrovertible women NEED to be saved and the disgusting animals shot. I pray someone finds a solution and can save them.

  7. @dany ? Je partage ton analyse, mais il me semble qu?il manque un point essentiel, vous connaissez un site spécialisé ?|

  8. basumb-à-ndex says:

    Thank you for making a film that tells and shows what is really happening in this big country. It is just difficult to understand how the world is still not moving to change the situation. More DRC citizens and friends of the DRC need to see this film and work more. No one else will free this country if congolese do not work on it.

    Be blessed

  9. Lumus says:

    i’m congolese and I say thanks for all your support, all you’re doing for us. We’re still fighting until we’ll be free. We’ll not give up. God bless our land and put us there. We didn’t choose to be congolese we have to recover our dignity. People want always to push us down. We’ll not give up.

  10. Linda Menga says:

    It is my first time ever to see what is truly happening in Congo. I’ve been crying non-stop for hours now. As a Congolese woman myself, it hurts so bad knowing that I no longer have a place to call ‘Home’. My land have been taken away from us, for their own benefits. Are my people discribed as people or as insects, whom you don’t take a second thought before you kill them.

    Were we blessed with resources or were we cursed with them. Honestly I don’t feel like living anymore after seeing this truth. I pray to the Lord Of Host to remember all those who are involves in the genesis of Congo. Is it right for others to rejoice in the deaths of the Congolese?

    I am soaked in my own tears and fear of how long this is going to go until something will be done to end this. I am not even sure if what I am writing is making sense; I am so overwhelmed with this reality.

    Please I ask of you, everyone, anyone, who feels like they can do something to help please do, as every little help counts. They say a tree cannot fill the whole forest but it can make a different, so don’t hesitate to help if you feel like doing so. You don’t need hundreds of others to support you in this. By just putting this video on your Facebook, you are the one tree standing in the midst of a try forest/ land.

    Another way that we can help Congo is by reducing our purchase of all these SMART ELECTRONIC DEVICES, such as laptops, iPhone, blackberries, Samsung phones, htc phones, all of the smart TVs, ipads etc. in order to make theses smarts electronic devices, they need coltant, which are found in Congo. in order for them to take these elements they’ve got to kill all those Congolese living in that particular land or lives near by that land.

    May God bless you very much for making this short film. Many thanks again for standing for us. I have hope that God will do something. I know He will.

  11. Ezra says:

    Hoho I have no idea what to write hear bec my eyes are full of teas. I dont know what else to say as i believe and am sure this video have covered the full truth of what congo is, what is happening in congo, who is responsible for what is happening in the country and what can be done or the solutions for all that. what i can say is I leave a big congratulations and Thank you to all people who involved themeseves to put together a video like this one. a video not to hide, a video to show the Global just like the way we watch every thing else happening in other countries which has a related source like the one in congo. I would be more greatful if this video can be shown to a very high standing countries meeting which will involve the global countries a specially those countries which play a role in this matter…even if the all know what is happening. its can not help but i believe How painful it’s feels to hold they are Humen being, they can always think about it one favourity part is at the end where the man was saying about love. in a meaning to say ” Love others like tge way you love yourself.. but in general I love the video with my heart full of teas..Great peopl who put together am sure u are really men and women.
    Thank u and God bless u all

    • Esther says:

      I can’t understand all that. I can’t understand that so much governments and people who know what’s happening there don’t act. I can’t understand how the media can take no heed to this crisis.

      Today it’s the first time I heard something about this bloodshed. And I cry. Of the top of my 16 years, I cry. I can’t really act, exept talk about it.

      Thanks. Thanks to inform us.

      Now, I wanna inform people in my turn. In order that event don’t stay a kind of secret, that most people ignore.

  12. sandra says:

    alot of people have known there is crime an poverty,this is something I can’t even think of but it’s real,it’s more real then people want to think every night before you lay your head in a safe warm bed millions are across the world suffering please remember them in your prayers. I’m sure there are alot of people that would like to help or do something or just afraid of getting involved as a single mom struggling my sorrows are nothing compared to this.I do no it’s time for the world to come together an stand strong in prayer that this sad situation get taken under control my heart goes out to every man woman an child may god bless them.

  13. Lynn says:

    Thank you for bringing this news to the attention of mankind. I had no idea of this happening to so many innocent people. Congo is their home and their home, lives and self respect are being taken from them. The raping of women and children is evidence that these soldiers have no feelings, no heart, no soul. These men who perform these acts should be held responsible, along with the killing of millions of innocent victims. The United States and any other countries involved are just as guilty as the rapists and killers. Why is the United Nations not getting involved in this inhumane act of violence. I praise you for taking steps to inform the world what is happening in the Congo with its people and it’s resources and what must be done to turn things around. It will not be an easy job – there will be many more lives taken and women and children’s dignity and spirits destroyed until the world speaks out and says enough is enough. God be with you in your stand to save the people of the Congo.

  14. Cameron Redford says:

    Thank you for having the courage to uncover the truth. I am eternally greatful to the makers of this documentary film for bringing to light the suffering that the beautiful people of Congo continue to endure.

    While in Congo for two months this past summer amongst the Congolese people I can testify that they are kind, caring, respectful
    and deserving. They will always hold a peace of my heart.

    People the world over deserve to be safe from harms way, happy, loved, free and prosperous financially as well as in heart, mind, body and soul.

  15. Darj says:

    Thank you for the commitment. We demand the implementation of the Obama law now as we speak since the clock is ticking!!!

  16. Damien Nsabi says:

    Extremely evoking film, my country has experienced madness at its peak!!! This film displays the real truth behind these dark inhuman curtains. violence, rape, murder, massacre, corruptions, lies, famine,… must be stopped NOW! Let’s all act against this madness. we do not eat gold, we do not eat iron… Don’t murder our people, instead be human and just ask for the resources you wish to acquire. I’m very touched by this film at a level I’ve not yet.

    Thank you for the people who worked to reveal the truth needed to be aware of by the humanity.

    !!!! IMPLEMENT PL 109-456 !!!!

  17. chenille says:

    Le congo est un si beau pays qui ne mérite pas ces tristes evenements. Je vous remercie de présenter la situation, il faut que le monde sache, je partage autour de moi via facebook

  18. […] a feature length production to be released in the near future. We encourage you to leave a comment by clicking here. Support the film by making a financial […]

  19. norman Kuvawoga says:

    This is heart wrenching to say the least. And as a Zimbabwean I am ashamed beacause countries like Zimbabwe also meddled in the affairs of the Congolese and looted in support of Kabila. I know the Righteous GOD will one day make it all right. God Bless ya’ll for the effort you have put into this.

  20. Icy Patrick says:

    May God bless you people who are daily trying to change something on what’s happening in my country.I write this comment just to testify as one of the witnesses who saw,lived and survived the calamity which is still happening today.I’ve been there since 1995 and just left there in 2004.As an artist who claim for the benefit of my people I write and sing about my own experiences that I’m hundred pourcent sure could help you and everyone who is against this mess.I’m actually living in the UK and look forward to bringing a change as small as it looks like such a simple word.I would like to be part of your work and contribute as much as I can financially,morally and physically by using my talent to expand the campaign.You really did a great job and I know the greatest has to come.I hope to get in contact with you If you really need me,don’t hesitate to contact me through my e-mail address.
    I believe what you are doing is going to change the look of this problem.

  21. I really appreciate this film and all the people who contributed to making it. I work in Beni, North Kivu at a university ( It is so hard to explain the intricacies of the conflict in DRC. We used the film during an event to help bring about awareness at my church, Christ Presbyterian Church, in Edina, Minnesota. Everyone was motivated to advocate for the full implementation of the US legislation presented in the film.

  22. Angela Ishaka says:

    I am a Canadian, married to a wonderful man from Eastern Congo. He has explained to me much of the history which has brought Congo to the place it’s in today. Even with my knowledge, I am grateful to learn more and more. This film was insightful and engaging, and has helped to put pictures and images to the history I know.

    We pray for the Congo a lot – and are especially praying for the Congolese people in the lead-up to elections in November. We pray for PEACE, for CHANGE, for JUSTICE and for the world’s media to give honest coverage of what happens there.

    We stand behind all those who live in the DRC and shout with you for justice and the leadership to unite the people to create a prosperous country that does not benefit a dictator, but delivers food, infrastructure, health care and employment to all its residents.

  23. Cette crise est le resultat d,explotation de cote de grand puissanses. Les decades et decades ils ont exploite les biens du Congo et ils ne font rien pour les gens! La violence doit cesser et nous avons la puissance pour l,arrete! Vous pouves aider par Unicef ou autres organisations internationales. L,reunion de Nations United est urgent!

  24. […] production to be released in the near future. Friends of the Congo encourage you to leave a comment by clicking here and to support the film by making a financial […]

  25. Albert Mpoto says:

    Now we get it. Let do something instead of westing our time by complening. The truth is there.

  26. Ochy says:

    This is unbelievable ! I am speechless. Africans, wake up and lets be united for united we stand and no one can come between us. They say Africa is the poorest continent in the world, but we can change that misjudge ideology by making our continent great. Africa, wake up and lets stop bleeding our selves dry.

  27. Thierry says:

    Thanks God, there are people who plead for congolese in the USA. USA had done to much to control DRC from giving the go-ahead to kill Patrice Lumumba, presenting him as communist without any proof. I hope that the full movie coming will show more about USA implication in the congolese tragedy as well as in the rwandese tragedy too. God bless DRC.

  28. kongo says:

    ho my good what can i say??
    that’s horrible


    I broke in to tears when after I watched this film, but further I felt there is so much when to do as a human race to liberate congo..Iam a PROJECTS DIRECTOR of the Kenya Model United Nations (the Catholic University of Eastern Africa Chapter), I pledge my support to this course and ready to pass the message to my fellow students through the students government and the Model United Nations secretariet and its members..please let me know what we could do to e mail is Thank you

  30. Curtis says:

    Only recently have I started to learn more about the tragic history of the DR Congo. More than feeling bad for the suffering people, I want to know how to do the small things each of us needs to do to bring change and hope to the Congo. I will be fortunate to make my first visit to the Congo in just a few weeks to visit friends who do agricultural missionary work and literacy work with women. They have served in the Congo for over 20 years and it is home. They are remarkable people living and working among equally remarkable people.
    There is shame that most of us in the USA don’t know what’s going on, and most people just don’t care. Information overload about global problems are part of the problem, but apathy and selfishness are too. It also seems that the suffering in Congo has been going on for so long that there is a hopelessness, not only in the Congo, but in the media too – that things can’t ever truly change. I will not believe that needs to be case.

  31. Mary says:

    The U.S. needs to enact the Obama Law, Public Law 109-456 immediately!

  32. Tuzitana says:

    I am very concerned about your movie. But there is till more to do. Please help us to live like human being. Feel sorry about our sisters, children and elders. T o the United state people, i would like to remind you this:Think how you stood for your rights and fourth for it, because it was bad to live like animals mostly Black people. Punish whoever deserve to be punished and help Congo to lift up his head and enjoy like other people on earth.

  33. Hilde Olbrechts says:

    This is a “must see” film for all, young and old … Finally a movie that really “uncovers” what’s happening in DRC – hopefully loads of people will watch this movie and it will be an eye-opener to many! Only wish it would also open the eyes of the leaders as well, those supporting the violence in DRC – they should be ashamed of themselves and of what they allow out there! Thanks for making this movie.

  34. nasir says:

    First and formost what a wonderful job you have done in making such a documentary based on pure facts.I can’t imagine the so called western nations who advocate peace and democracy on paper has allowed this to pass silently. history has shown what they mean by democracy. as an african it pains to see such a genocide taking place by africans over africans. the solution can only come from us not the west. the root cause is ignorance. unless we educate ourselves and increase the awareness level of what is happening around us, we will always be a victim of our own actions.

  35. Kashindi says:

    I don’t have much to say about this film, but F our president and F Rwandise soldiers.

  36. Thank u verry match brothes and sisters and all the friends of Congo for a great job u have done. I realy realy appreciate. May God bless u and bless Congo(DRC).

  37. Xavier Surinyach says:

    It’s a shame for all human beings, for all the world. The most horrible genocide on Earth.

  38. fiyah says:

    Congoman Stand Up and be counted…Inevitably and inescapably, what happened in 1885 is still affecting Congo (as did other African countries today). However what happened after and what happens henceforth is Congolese responsibility.PERIOD! Blaming Rwanda & Uganda for it supposed collusion with the West will not help anything. Personally I abhor any African so called activist or humanitarian who sits in NY or Paris or wherever(in the West) and points fingers at others or engages in the blame game. After all that picketing, shouting and accusing, the status quo remains;Congo maintains its underground breadbasket and aboveground basketcase status. A duality that has little or nothing to do with Kagame. If we want to go by history; it has taught us that absolutely no one but ourselves (Africans) can or will alleviate our lot. Congoman take up your case with Kabila.

    • CK says:

      please get in touch with me!

    • crisisinthecongo says:

      Fiyah – we encourage you to see the film again. We clearly state that ultimate change will and must come from Congolese. You unfortunately, mistake analysis for blame. Congo’s challenge is both external and internal, therefore its prescriptions must come from outside and inside. We highly recommend you read Chief of Station Congo by Larry Devlin. The book demonstrates how the US plotted to overthrow Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister democratically elected by the Congolese people who took matters into their own hands to choose a leader of their choice.

  39. Amoin says:

    I am from the Ivory Coast, and I didn’t even know what was really going on there! I am shocked, I am crying. This is terrible, IT IS HELL IN PARADISE! What should we do? What can we do! I feel so powerless. The only thing left to me is to pray. In the meantime people in Congo need true and real help. SPREADING THE WORDS WOULD HELP…LET’S EDUCATE EVERYBODY.

  40. josh says:

    I am from Australia and I was very moved by this film. Most of what was told in this film I had absolutely no idea took place, the amount of information the Australian population receives about these gross injustices is very very little. PLEASE spread this film as far as you can, get it to all those who will listen. I think they will be equally moved as i was and will want to put an end to these gross injustices taking place right in front of us. Maybe then we can give our hearts out to the congo people and help them through this horrible situation.

    • crisisinthecongo says:

      Thank you Josh. We encourage you to spread the film among your network. Also, if you are able, encourage radio stations to play the audio of the film. Reach out to schools to show the film in high schools and universities in Australia and if you have the means, host a screening yourself or get your friends and people in your network to do the same.

  41. Ben Kalambayi says:

    Époustouflant ce film !!!!
    Félicitations à toutes ces personnes qui ont contribué à le produire. Ce film révèle ce que les occidentaux ne veulent pas que leurs populations respectives sachant. Honte à eux tous !!! Honte aux USA ! Honte au Royaume Uni ! Honte à la France ! Ils croient vider toutes les richesses de notre cher Congo mais ils se trompent. Ces richesses ont été placé spécifiquement au Congo avec une mission bien déterminée. Aussi longtemps que ces richesses n’auront pas accomplies leur mission (le bien être des congolais et des congolaises), personne (même ce conglomérat d’aventuriers composé de Kagame, Museveni, Kabila, les USA, le royaume Uni, la France, YOU NAME IT !) n’en viendra à bout : toute cette pègre disparaîtra et la richesse sera toujours là en attendant un gouvernement responsable qui en fera une redistribution équitable à tous les congolais. Plus cette mafia internationale vole nos richesses, plus nos ancêtres nous en donnent en abondance !

    Un adage dit que la vérité finie par triompher. La gang de Kagame finira les pieds sous terre dans peu de jours. Tous les politiciens congolais qui se prostituent pour les miettes en marchant sur les cadavres des congolais, le paieront. La Bible dit que lors du jugement dernier, l’homme finira soit en enfer ou au paradis mais ne vous en faites pas, tous ceux qui ont les mains imprégnées du sang des congolais verront leur enfer sur terre avant de mourir : ils paieront le prix fort avant de mourir. Qu’ils demandent à Mobutu qui a fini ses jours maigrichon, rejeté par tous et enterré comme un chien à Rabat loin de sa terre natale. Qu’ils demandent à Bobi Ladawa qui est maintenant entrain de quémander de retourner vivre au Congo.

    Nos politiciens africains ont une mémoire courte (je dirai même TRÈS COURTE). Je ne sais pas dans quelles écoles ils sont passés. Lisent-ils l’histoire de la politique africaine ? Tous ceux qui ont servis aveuglement les occidentaux ont finis comme des mouches lâchés par leurs protecteurs blancs.

    À tous ce qui ont les moyens de diffuser ce film, qu’ils le fassent afin que tous les congolais qui dorment, puissent se réveiller et prendre enfin leur destinée en main. Comme l’a dit Étienne Tshisekedi lors de son passage récemment à Toronto, ”le peuple congolais est maintenant suffisamment mûr. Les occidentaux doivent maintenant le laisser décider de son destin”. Comme le dit notre hymne national : ”Débout congolais!” et comme le dit le slogan de l’UDPS : ”Tenons bon, l’UDPS vaincra!”.

    Ben Kalambayi
    Toronto, Canada

  42. Today, the 4th of July here in the USA, the US celebrates its supposed “independence.”

    But the US is in no sense of the word independent. In order to establish the United States of America, it required the genocide of Native Americans. In order to build the wealth of the United States of America, it required another genocide to enslave Africans. And in order to maintain the economy and lifestyle of the United States of America, it requires that the US government support or engage in genocide in the Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and many other places around the world.

    Some talk about global warming. Think of the carbon footprint of the US military alone with a thousand military bases all over the world. Each gallon of fuel flown in for one of the lawnmowers that keep the golf courses on these military bases pristine, can cost $400. And every military base has to have a pristine golf course just in case the top brass drop by and to keep up the morale of those US troops committing or supporting genocide, particularly when they know they are not wanted and the impoverished people around them are suffering.

    The billions that the US gives to strong men and genocidal dictators doesn’t help their people, particularly since the US requires that most of that money be spent on weapons manufactured in the US that the dictators use to suppress their own people.

    We in the US have nothing to celebrate. We have yet to gain our independence. We need independence from oil, independence from coltan, independence from uranium, and most of all, independence from our tyrannical government that continues to commit and support genocide in our name.

    • Sarah M Price Hansen says:

      I beg forgiveness for what my country does to my world. I am shamed daily for the misery that America leaves wherever she walks. Creator have mercy on us when all this comes back to my country… I have no other words, just tears.

    • nasir says:

      well it might not sound wise to wish the same kind of atrocities for the childrens and womens of the west since your government is doing most of the damage in the world. as a citizen the americans and western people are partly responsible for their government action. you clap your hands whenever your government went to other countries claiming to fight terrorism while doing pure genocide in all part.

    • Latisha says:

      I’m so glad that the inretnet allows free info like this!

  43. SERGE says:

    shame on American government and Corporation on what they are doing in DRCongo.One day American people with those who are supporting these Congolese Extermination they will pay for it.Congolese people are waking up and knows about the role of each country around the world and their involvement in the Congolese genocide and extermination and we will seek vengeance for our people . we will never forget that ,the same way American people never forgot about what Ousama and Alqaida did to them.

  44. Pat says:

    Merci pour ce film, merci à vous tous qui oeuvrent pour aider le Congo. Croyez-moi un jour tous ces assassins seront punis d’une manière ou d’une autre.

  45. Diddy says:

    Je crois et suis persuade qu’en visualisant une telle video, ca ne touche a rien ces Occidentaux…. Toutefois courage mon frere. ils ont leurs ambassadeurs ici, que font-ils????

  46. Cocom says:

    Thanks a lots for this documentary film. The truth shall come up and is coming up.
    The persones responsibles of those massacres, killings, sexual violences and genocide in DR-Congo must be taken to justice.
    Paul kagame, Yoweri Museveni, James Kabarebe, Faustin Nyamwasa kayumba and others must respond their actes in justice.

  47. John Muriungi says:

    It is unbelievable that killings of this magnitude are taking place in our continent Africa. It makes hypocrites of all of us who stand for human rights and God’s mercy. And why has so much evil happened without the world knowing? Why were these wanton killings and oppression of the people clouded in secrecy? It is unbelievable that African governments and the world community did not know. Why? why? and again why? must the African people suffer in such a large scale? I call upon fellow Christians to pray and plead with the Almighty God for better times ahead. Those of a like mind should form a movement for voicing concern for the voiceless and the suffering. God equip and empower us for this huge task. And where was the world’s media as these atrocities took place?
    John Muriungi
    Methodist Church in Kenya
    P.O. Box 47633-00100
    Nairobi, Kenya.

    • crisisinthecongo says:

      Thank you John. It would be great to get the methodist church of Kenya to screen the film within its network and call on methodists in Kenya to stand in solidarity with the people of Congo. They can use Congo Week as a focus to make this stand and call:

  48. Conga Dongo says:

    SAD !

    We just need to popularise our struggle, but too many people are using this to make money out of our misery. They are among us, happy to survive while others pay with their lives.

    Thanks for the effort of this film, we need as many people to watch it in the World.



  49. Mutombo says:

    Le Congo Kinshasa ne mérite pas de telles atrocités ! A travers ce film, je me demande si le Congo est un Etat…
    Le pays n’est pas gouverné, les tueries de nos frères continuent, pouvons nous espérer encore de cette communauté internationale !
    Les Etats Unis, la Grande Bretagne et les autres pays de l’Europe continuent à rendre le Rwanda et l’Ouganda plus forts encore du moment que nos richesses sont pillées, nos soeurs sont violées, nos frères tués à l’Est par ces bandes armées de nos voisins (Rwanda-Ouganda).
    Prenons notre destinée en mains, personne ne viendra délivré notre pays.
    Votons utile !!!

  50. patrick mavula says:

    thanks for the movie. this show what is happening in congo and why till now congolaise people strugling to start developp there country. congolaise as other human being has right to live, please let them live.
    i will ask if its possible that every one who get to see this movie to recommand it to as many people as he can so that the thruth will be known by many and maybe some thing will be done about it.

  51. patrick mavula says:

    thank for the movie. this show what is happenig in congo and why till now congolaise people strugling to start develop there country. congolaise as other human being has right to live, please let them live.
    i will recomand if its possible that evry one who get to see this movie to recommand it to asmanu people as he can so that the thruth will be known by many and maybe some thing will be done about it.

    God bless.

  52. Ewurama Orleans-Lindsay says:

    I wasn’t going to watch this but I’m glad I did. It has opened my eyes to some of the things happening around me. Is there anyway we can help the people in our own little way. If we raise funds are there any institutions these can be given to and we can be assured that the resources will reach those whom they were meant for? If so can anyone suggest any? Other than humanitarian aid I guess the best we can then do is write to our governments? I will try to do this and spread the word.

    Thank you for making this documentary.

    • Claire says:

      Yes there is… an amazing young woman called Masika has set up a small centre as a ‘safe house’ for abused women and children. Fiona Lloyd-Davies ( has been out to Eastern Congo recently to film Masika’s story. There will be a website coming soon, where people can make direct donations to Masika’s project. Apparently a generous American donor has already made a substantial contribution, which means Masika has been able to extend the centre.

      Western greed, of the corporate kind, seems to know no bounds – but I confess I did not know the extent of the violence and hurt until I saw Fiona’s film. I am sure there will be thousands like me who want to do something positive to help, once they find out the shocking truth. There will be previews of Fiona’s film to invited audiences in the UK – and the film will also be shown on UK TV in the autumn.

      Thank you to the people who made this film as well. It was hard to watch in places – but so important.

    • crisisinthecongo says:

      Thank you Ewurama. Certainly we can put you in direct contact with groups that are fighting to change the conditions in the Congo. You can start here:

      Encourage as many people as possible to screen the film. See our take action page for more things that you can do:

    • crisisinthecongo says:

      Hello Ewurama
      Yes you can help by supporting groups on the ground. Go here to find out how you can be in direct contact with the groups that you support:

      Yes, writing your governments to change their foreign policies toward the aggressors in the region would be of help. See here more actions that you can take:

  53. koko says:

    This is going to carry on because the west & america are the truth evils,vampires. whenever congo wants to solve their problems those evils will always step up to destroy our people & they don’t care about blacks. whenever we have a good leader, they go and kill him.they always put the most stupid leader to govern us because they use them for their own good.why are they fighting lybia is iit because they care about lybians people? no,because they want to distroy lybia.if those so called super powers care about people,they would solve congo problems instead of what they are doing now.kabila is the most stupid leader I have never seen;so what are those so called super powers are doing now? they are protecting him so that they will take whatever they want from the congo.they give us their vague speeches as if they are there to save he world.

  54. Susan Faber says:

    Why is it people say there is no hell. Here on Earth one can hardly comprehend the horrors the Congolese people must endure because of the rapatious greed of stronger nations. If the world tolerates genicide in the Congo, it will in other places such as the US. I am honored to meet the people who have labored to bring the truth to me. My life has been permanently altered by this film. Thank you.

  55. Etienne Kankolongo says:

    Thank you,
    For the work that yo have done, the documentary was truly inspiring, emotional and informative. With this documentary, I will use it as a weapon of information I will distribute to whoever I can, to any channels I can. it’s about time we, as congolese come together and fight as one.

    Etienne Kankolongo

  56. Matthew Herbert says:

    Thank you for this important information about the role the U S played over the years concerning the Congo. I’ve been following the truth for some time. I will make sure I inform everyone that will listen about The Crisis In The Congo. Black On Black crime does not just happen in Black America. It happens around the world. The evil men will do for money is one of the things that will forever keep us as a people from being a nation united. I stand with the people of the Congo. My you have Peace and Freedom

  57. Jill Davis says:

    Thank you for this excellent, but heartbreaking, presentation. We will try to get this information out to people who can make a difference. May God help you in your efforts to bring justice and peace to Eastern Congo.

  58. Nzogu bin Kyantede P. R. says:

    Thanks a lot for this “uncovetring” of the dirty truth about what is going on our “democratic” republic of the Congo.

    What is going on AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF CONGO!

    And what is going on AGAINST HUMANITY!

    The actors of this evil criminal scene are known, they the officials of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, mainly the presidents of these three countries: Paul Kagame, yoweri Muyeveni and Joseph Kabila. These silly and violent men must be isolated… and punished! That’ll be justice¨! Why the West is so reluctant with them, like with Mobutu?

    Thanks a lot for your militant movie!

    Excuse my poor English!

    Nzogu bin Kyantede P R

  59. Buanga Mpongo Joseph says:

    Chers auteurs du Film,
    Je vous remercie pour ce film qui est objectif et donne un apperçu réaliste de ce qui se passe sur terrain en République Démocratique du Congo. Mais quelques questions me viennent directement en tête : “Pourquoi ce film? et pour qui ce film ? En d’autres mots “Pourquoi avoir réalisé cette oeuvre et pour quelle finalité ? “. J’ai visité l’Ouganda, le Rwanda et l’Est du Congo en tant que Chairperson de l’International Fellowship of Reconciliation, African branch après les événements du Rwanda de façon régulière (septembre 1994 jusqu’en 1996) afin de faire un travail préventif pour la paix dans la région. Car, je croyais encore que ce qui se passait au Rwanda était uniquement l’oeuvre de ceux qui ont a pointé du doigt. Mon intervention n’a pas pour but de me prononcer sur ce qui s’est passé au Rwanda. Nous avions un bureau régional africain en Ouganda à Kampala. J’ai vécu de près les conséquences de ce qui s’était passé au Rwanda et qui avait pris fin deux mois avant mon passage dans ce pays. Il est clair que ce qui s’était passé au Rwanda était prévisible.Les personnes rwandaises que j’ai rencontrées en Belgique depuis l’an 1992 me disaient qu’il fallait allait vite avec le projet pour la paix et la réconciliation au Rwanda, car, la situation pouvait changer brutalement d’un jour à l’autre. Et ce qui allait se produire au Congo était prévisibile aussi. Car, lorsque je quittais Goma pour la dernière fois (1996), j’ai eu une personne qui m’a demandé de l’amener en Ouganda d’où elle irait n’importe où parce que quelque chose de pire allait se produire, on attaquerait le Congo et la destruction systématique de l’Est du Congo allait se produire. C’est une dame qui devrait maintenant vivre en Italie. Il est difficile de croire qu’il y a eu uniquement de mauvaises décisions dans les chefs de ceux qui étaient à l’ONU et dans le gouvernement américain. C’est ainsi que plusieurs ont pensé à un complot de destruction de la région qui, si elle était paisible, bousterait le développement de l’Afrique. Si l’on accepte qu’il y a eu la mauvaise estimation de la situation qui a fait que l’on n’ait pas pris les bonnes décisions pour prévenir ce qui était prévisible déjà au sujet du Rwanda, et ensuite, du Congo, comment se fait-il que personne actuellement ne bouge pour mettre fin à ce qui se passe actuellement au Congo. On a compris ce qu’actuellement nous pouvons considérer comme Alibi. Car, si la présence des “INTERHAMWE”, que l’on a trouvé dans les enfants, femmes enceintes, personnes âgées, tués à Tingi Tingi et ailleurs pourrait se justifier; pourquoi les messacres continuent jusqu’à présent ? Mobutu a été renversé, Kabila jeune est au pouvoir, mais pourquoi les tueries continuent-elles à l’Est du Congo? Vous n’avez qu’à lire ce qui se passe à Beni à Lubero… Ces êtres humains ont-elles une valeur pour la Communauté Internationale et les USA ? Parce que ce sont les USA et la Communauté Internationale qui auraient pu prévenir ce qui allait se passer et qui peuvent arrêter ce qui se passe au Congo. Je ne pense pas que la Communauté Internationale et les USA croient en tout ce que le gouvernement du Rwanda raconte au sujet de ses opérations sur le territoire congolais. Si ce sont les produits miniers qui les intéressent, je suis aussi sûr que ces produits, ils les ont eus du temps de Mobutu, mais la paix et la dignité pour les citoyens de ce pays était là. Mais actuellement ces citoyens surtout ceux de l’Est n’ont pas de dignité, il n’y a pas de paix et tout cela au nom de la sécurité du Rwanda, sécurité menacée par les interhamwe qui sont: les enfants, les femmes violées chaque jour, les morts en des personnnes : défenseurs des droits de l’homme etc… Il m’est personnellement difficile de croire maintenant en des valeurs de justice, d’égalité, de défenseurs des droits humains que l’ONU et les USA prétendent défendre dans le monde. On ne peut pas imaginer que les mandats d’arrêt internationaux pleuvent pour des cas que l’on ne peut pas comparer à ce qui se passe encore actuellement au Congo. Merci pour le Film, il laisse un témoignage de l’histoire, mais une honte pour ceux qui ont les moyens d’arrêter ces massacres qui font la honte de l’humanité aux 20ème et 21ème siècle.
    Bp Dr Buanga Mpongo Joseph.

  60. Capone says:

    Great contribution to the democratization of the Congo after 51 years of dictatorship added to 75 of slavery. Well done; keep it up

  61. Cami MacDonald says:

    Well done. This is a clear and concise call for justice, that must not be ignored. We must all have a conscience of care and concern for the innocent civilians struggling to live freely in Congo. These are our sisters who are being raped. These are our brothers who are unable to protect their families from the murder and greed of outside invaders. And sadly, these are our children who are suffering. They have never known peace and plenty in their beautiful homeland. This is a land of immense wealth, but also beauty and strength. I have been there and I have seen and experienced the perseverance of a great people. They can overcome their past, but they must be allowed the space to make peace. We must stop plundering their land, and must stop supporting the outside forces who are taking their lives. It is outrageous that millions of human lives have been stolen from this Earth and no attention is given. This is a modern day holocaust. It is horrific and it has to stop. Now. Today.

    Congo, I love you. I miss you every day. You have a strength like no other and you will overcome. I wish you peace and joy. I will never forget you. Amani.

  62. Gerry says:

    I am really thankful for the awerness of the dark situation of the Congo. Death is stinking all over my nation with tears in my eyes I was breathless to see the level of damage in the great Kivu two years back, once in Kinshasa I could see the misery of the people. And all this no one is able to talk about it on the international plate form or stage we couldn’t understand the level of corruption that took place in the western world. Please inform the world about a systematic carnage that is taking place in the Congo because of lack responsible government.
    The world is crying about the global warming, yes, but with non responsible leadership at the head of Congo logs of the Congolese forest are crossing to Uganda through Kasindi every minute. I am talking of Kasindi because I was there some two years back, what about all othe exinting points of the great republic?
    Once more please sensitize the world about our plight. Gerry M.

  63. Carrie Wood says:

    Thank you for this film. It was clear, thorough, engaging. Emotional but filled with facts and solutions.

  64. YOHE MBUYU says:

    History has shown that lies and injustice never won

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